So what’s Vibetail about? It all started in 2016, when Vibetail founder, Andy Mills, realised his many years of experience in various excellent digital marketing agencies had empowered him with a unique set of skills.

During this time, Andy discovered a genuine, fiery passion for helping smaller businesses and enterprises achieve truly game-changing results online that genuinely change peoples lives.

It’s this impact that inspires an eagerness to go above and beyond, offering businesses a more beneficial, intimate, cost-effective service.

And so, Vibetail was born!

What does Vibetail mean?

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Good question, glad you asked 🙂

A Vibetail is a fancy fishing lure. This special lure is used to attract, and then hook, different types of fish. And that’s what we’re all about!

In this vast, swirly, constantly evolving digital ocean, we have all the right lures and marketing expertise to hook the right customers.

We know the the right spots to catch the right fish.
From Google and Bing, to Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram.

Basically, we are fishers of leads, and we’ve sailed the seven swirly seas of digital marketing.

Our clients work closely with the Vibetail team. A friendly bunch of industry-leading specialists. Building a close, unique relationship that enables fluid and agile solutions.

Andy Mills

PPC & Analytics Specialist/Founder

Andy is a warm, friendly, no-nonsense search marketer with an infectious laugh and wealth of experience.

He is a pleasure to work with, not only for his charm, but mostly for his ability to achieve unbelievable results and client-centered values.

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Andy Mills - Vibetail Founder-PPC Adwords Specialist Surrey

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