Automated protection against advanced cyber threats whilst on the move

When employees access the internet using their devices, they can inadvertently put the business at risk from cyber-attack unless web usage is controlled and checked for cyber-threats.

Cloud-based Web security services allows frictionless connection to the Internet from any location with any device in the knowledge that you are protected by an advanced threat intelligence platform securing the business from cyber-attack.

A simple client application is installed on the device to ensure it is automatically protected by routing any suspicious web activity through the threat intelligence platform, then instantly blocking if any threats are detected. Even if a device is infected through other means, advanced web security services will still detect and block activity such as data exfiltration by an attacker.

Advanced Web Security

Advanced web security not only allows a business to protect their users and devices from cyber-attack, but also to implement a fully manageable cloud-based acceptable use policy (AUP) for all employees across many web categories, specific block lists for sites the business wants to explicitly deny, and real-time search capability to track and report on the businesses web activity.

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