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There are 14 billion searches daily on Google alone!
Clearly, in Google we trust!

For most of us, our first way to find a product or service or even answer to our problem is to search for it on Google.
Did you know, that:


of people only click on links from the 1st page of Google?


only click on the top 6 organic listings.


of people click on paid Google adverts.


of people can’t tell the difference between a paid Google listing and an organic Google listing.

Here’s how Google Advertising works:

(Also known as Adwords, PPC or Google Pay Per Click)

How Google Advertising works: Infographic (Also known as Adwords, PPC or Google Pay Per Click)

We make sure your Google ads are perfectly optimised to lure the best possible traffic to your website.

The top benefits of 

Google AdWords (Pay Per Click)

AdWords gives instant visibility
Instant visibility

Unlike SEO, AdWords gives you instant visibility on Google.

AdWords allows you to target specific audiences
Target your audience

You don’t waste money targeting the wrong audience.

Only pay for results

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call your business.

Results get better

Pay Per Click advertising is highly scalable through incremental, results-driven, growth.

Real-time data

You can see the results in real time, which provides unique and powerful marketing insights.

Flexibile & Agile

You can easily and quickly change ads and adjust budgets.

Specific targeting

You can target very specific customers by device, time of day, demographic and income.

Drive quality traffic

You can target customers at different stages of the buyer funnel, for example, you can target people who are ready to buy your product or service instead of people who are in the research phase.

The top benefits of
working with Vibetail

for Google AdWords (Pay Per Click)


Tailored Strategies

We create bespoke strategies that are specific to your unique business goals and audience.


We are not a service provider, or supplier. We work so closely together, we are almost a member of your team.

Value for Money

We don’t waste your money for the sake of profits. If something isn’t working, we’ll tell you to save your money or invest it elsewhere.


We are painfully transparent and zealously committed to getting you the best value for money.
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